Living Where I Want

This guest post from Werner Rogers

While it is not in the best part of town and it may not be the prettiest one on the block, I love my house. It is close to my office and many amenities I use on a regular basis. My gym as well as the dog park are within walking distance and my favorite restaurant and a small movie theater are a short drive away. Because I chose location over a safer neighborhood, I went to and activated a home alarm system for my house as soon as I moved in. Break-ins happen in all neighborhoods—no area is completely immune to robbery. Rather than live further away from the places I typically frequent I chose to live somewhere more convenient in the safest possible way. Of course, there are also simple steps everyone should take to protect themselves no matter where they live or if they have an alarm or not. Always keep your doors locked, even when you are home. Never leave first floor windows open. And if you are an animal lover, get a dog! Convicted burglars say a barking dog is a big deterrent due to the noise they make and the attention they can bring!