Truck Woes Equals Money Woes

What a week we've had, and not in a good way at all.  We've been working to get our truck fixed, and after a complete transmission rebuild we found out the transfer case is bad, too.  That's going to be another very expensive fix, so it looks like I'm going to have to kick my couponing into overdrive to make up for the huge repair bill.

That means our vacation money for this Summer is gone now, too. Our friend offered to let us use her vacation house in Raleigh for a cheaper weekend getaway option, but it looks like that option is out the door as well.  The a/c in the house went out this week, so instead of heading up there for the weekend I'm helping my friend look research Raleigh AC Repair to find a company to fix it. If all goes well maybe we can take her up on her offer later in the Summer. We'll just have to see what happens with the truck and if rebuilding the transfer case (no way I can afford a new or refurb one) fixes our truck problem without having to pour even more money into it!